Les Moulins de Brasseuil


Our flours

Our organic production preserves all the nutritional qualities of flour as our wheat is exempt from synthetic fertilizers and chemicals.
Moulins de Brasseuil offers a comprehensive range of stone-ground and roller-milled flours made from organic wheat for all types of breads or pastries. The mills produce their own organic wheat and spelt wheat flours on site. Moulins de Brasseuil also offers a wide choice of organic seeds.

« Our organic flours are mostly derived from French wheat, which comes partly from Ile-de-France »

Our team's commitment to quality and reliability has produced one of the most comprehensive organic products range in the market. Brasseuil's success has been boosted by the ongoing efforts of the organic food industry. The demand for healthful and tasty products is comforting the Mill's stance as « Nature's mille r».

The mill has selected Bureau Veritas as the certification body for its organic production
and it has signed the "bioentreprisedurable" Code of Practice.

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♦ Snowflake barley
♦ Snowflake oat

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