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“ Certifications ”


IFS (ou International Food Standard)

IFS is a database for standard reference intended for quality and food safety auditors. In general, in audits carried out in accordance with IFS Food standards, the auditor will determine whether the various elements of quality and food safety management in a given company have been established, implemented, actualized and consistently improved.

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IFS food
Source : IFS Food version 06/01/2012

AB (Organic Farming)

Organic Farming is a specific mode of agricultural production involving farming practices that are respectful of environmental balances and of the farmers' ability to make autonomous decisions. Being aimed at the preservation of soils, natural resources and the environment, and as a valuable tool for small farmers to maintain their activity, organic agriculture is often seen as a catalyst for sustainable agriculture. Its distinctive mode of production bans synthetic chemicals and GMOs and relies on the recycling of organic matter, crop rotation and the naturally-occurring struggle among organisms.
Operators at every stage of the organic food industry observe a series of strict standards which give preference to non-polluting processes respectful of the ecosystem.

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Source : Agence Bio


Thanks to its experience and its ties with a network of reliable suppliers, Moulins de Brasseuil is able to use French wheat from the region Ile-de-France

« Our organic flours are mostly derived from French wheat, which comes partly from Ile-de-France »

Talents Ile-de-France : a novel perspective

This certification awards a distinctive label to any forward-thinking farming, industrial or cottage company with a desire to promote its values and its current or projected commitment to a specific mode of production.
It offers consumers the guarantee that the company in question grows, produces and transforms its products mainly in Ile de France.
The chart is based on the balance between three core local values apt to reflect the expectations of consumers, producers and suppliers from Ile-de-France.: :
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  • The regional food heritage (products and know-how)
  • Local environmental protection (practices, landscapes and natural spaces)
  • Societal commitment and economic drive (quality, innovation, employment)
The label Talents d'Ile de France has a product brand named "Saveurs Paris Ile de France".


Les Moulins de Brasseuil are part of a working group, the Syndicat National des Entreprises Bio (National Syndicate of Organic Producers)
whose mission consists in :
  • Defending the rights of and providing representation for its members and for the regional associations of processors and suppliers of organic products:
        - Promoting the assets and attractiveness of the industry and of our member companies
        - Providing a clear and consistent description of these features
  • Meeting the expectations of member companies
        - Answering any questions that may arise concerning regulations, product quality, sustainable development…
        - Supporting the projects of our members and helping provide a sound framework for the French organic industry
  • Strenghthening on a daily basis the legitimacy and credibility of Synabio towards its members and partner structures :
        - Being a reliable source of information for our members on any issues that may - or may not be - directly related to organic production.
        - Creating relevant networks.
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Source : synabio.com


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